Why Women Win More Than Men In Online Casinos

Study after study has shown that women win more often and win more money in online gambling and sports betting than men. It makes sense to find out, then, that the fastest growing demographic at Aussie online casinos is women.

Studies Abound

888 Holdings conducted the most recent research into gender in online gaming and sports betting.

Released just this year, 888 Holdings revealed some very interesting statistics:

  • Women averaged a sports betting return of 19.79%, men averaged a loss of 4.6%.
  • Women aged 25-34 won 127%, men averaged a loss of 8.74%.
  • Women lost 24.07% in online casino games, men lost by 47%.
  • Women aged 18-24 played best in online casino games.
  • Women lost 38% of the time in online poker, men lost 41.69%.
  • Women aged 55-64 lost the least in online poker.

Other studies focus on women in the video gaming world, where nearly half of the gamers are women. However, most of them don’t describe themselves as “core gamers” or spend inordinate amounts of time watching esports.

Women do tend to prefer puzzle games or analytical games, as well as ones with social components and games that don’t require long periods of time at once.

So, what are the core reasons that women flock to online casinos?

Time Constraints

Whether sports betting or playing an online pokie, these activities are fairly quick and don’t require long time commitments. Women tend to be busy with many responsibilities and cannot devote hours to gaming or gambling.

Online casino sites, especially mobile versions, allow players to find entertainment on the go. The convenience of being able to log on and off fits into women’s lifestyles much better than video games.

No Harassment

Online casino games are solo games, ones that don’t have chat boxes where male players can berate or harass women. This is a prevalent practice in the video gaming world and has been touted as one of the major reasons that women don’t spend much time with esports.

On the other hand, online casinos are made for individual gaming. Online slots are solo adventures, as are many table games.

Even the table games that allow groups of players to compete at one table, such as live dealer casino games, monitor the chat very closely and do not allow ANY harassment of dealers or other players.

Mental Challenge

Sports betting and online casino games can present a challenge that requires some intelligence and analysis, especially with games like blackjack or online poker. Women tend to like games that stimulate the brain.

Of course, online pokies require little thought or analysis, but those become a go-to favorite for women who want to escape the rigors of busy days. Online video slots provide a release and relaxation.

Bankroll Control

It is no secret that women tend to be more responsible with gambling money than men. Women are more likely to stick to a budget and risk less money in general.

Online casinos give women that ability to control their spending. They can play low-dollar slot games or even set deposit limits at online casinos, whatever is required to stay within a budget. Australian casino operators respect players’ needs to keep their spending under control.

Choices Based on Research

Women are more likely to read these types of articles than men. This means that women gain knowledge about the best online casinos for Australian players, best bonus offers, and best games for their money.

When a player takes a few moments to find online casino games with better RTP (return-to-player) percentages or better max payouts, they are giving themselves an advantage at the games. Women have a greater tendency to do the research before playing.

Emotional Control

Many people assume that women are more emotional and reactive than men. This may be true, but women also know how to control those emotions and move on.

This is especially prevalent in online poker, a game in which players can become prone to tilt. Men tend to hang on to their anger and frustration longer, while women can work through their emotions to continue playing. This is helpful in any type of gambling, as women then don’t chase losses as much as men.

Equal Opportunity

In a world long controlled by men, there are few places in which women can find absolute equality. Australia has been more attentive to the gender pay gap and wage inequality than many countries around the world, but it remains an issue, especially in workplaces.

Gambling, however, is an equal opportunity form of entertainment. In online casino games, the spins cost the same, and there is no discrimination. It is nice for women to know that the anonymity of the internet and the basic premise of gambling leave no room for gender gaps.

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