Guide to Responsible Gambling

Casino games, like many other things in life, can be addictive. It is important to understand that neither the casinos, nor the services they offer (including pokies, card games, live dealer tables, or any other games) are the problem itself if a person knows how to set boundaries. This is what we generally call responsible gaming and it refers to having a good time playing fun and amusing casino games while understanding that they are playing a game of chance.

If you identify with any signs of addiction or your relatives or friends notice a problem, there are special institutions and professionals to support you. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help – you are not alone!

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Our Philosophy On Responsible Gambling

CasinoAus, as a socially responsible business, focuses on providing the best information for players, not only about the best online casinos in Australia but also about responsible gambling and how to promote it. Here we would like to explain how to enjoy casino games in a safe way, how to set gaming limitations, how to identify the addiction in the early stage, where to look for help, and how to protect yourself from being stuck in a circle of problems.

Tips To Responsible Gambling

In short, responsible gambling means playing at online casinos with some sort of control and being aware of your gambling habits. You should try to keep it fun and enjoy the process as you would playing any other type of game. The key point to understand is that casino games such as online pokies are referred to as ‘games of chance’. It means that the possible winning or losing is determined by probability or luck, and your skills can’t make an impact.

Once you understand this, you will feel better in the long-run after losing a round. At the end of the day – it happens! The best advice is to try to maintain the attitude: “it was fun but now it’s over”. To make it easier for all our players, our team of experts share some tips below on how to gamble responsibly.

Choose A Reputable Casino

The first and the most crucial thing is to avoid any suspicious or illegal casinos. Such sites don’t care about their players and try to take their money in unreasonable ways. We at CasinoAus make sure to conduct in-depth audits and provide honest casino reviews so our players can feel certain that they playing at reliable casinos where they can receive not just great bonuses, but also all the information needed about responsible gambling.

Set Your Limits

Sometimes, if we feel very engaged and interested in an activity (whether it is working out, chatting with friends, watching a tv series, or playing pokies), we can easily lose track of time. To avoid this when gambling, turn on a timer for a particular amount of time or set up a spending limit. If you use e-wallets such as Skrill, ecoPayz, or other banking options accepted by online casinos, you can control your finances and set up daily, weekly, and monthly spending limits.

Review Your Gaming History

Our recommended Australian online casinos have a tracking function, so players can check up on their activities anytime. It’s a very useful habit to review how much money you spend or what games might not be the best options for you. For example, if you are playing at live dealer tables and you don’t have a clear picture of what you have spent so far, the gaming history feature may be a good way to understand if that type of game is the best fit for you.

Don’t Keep It A Secret

Playing at online casinos is an absolutely normal way to have fun, so there’s no reason to hide it from friends or family. Be confident and show people that the rumors about online casinos are just empty myths – invite your friends to join the same Poker or Blackjack room and have an amusing gaming session together. This will also help you gamble responsibly because you’ll have someone keeping tabs on you.

Give Yourself A Break

Responsible gambling also means knowing when it’s time to step away. If you see that things are getting out of hand, use the function of self-exclusion. When you enable this function, you can’t log into your casino account or place a bet on any casino games. All the details are up to you, so you decide for how long you are willing to be excluded and from what online casinos.

Are You Gambling Responsibly?

It never hurts to ask yourself the following 5 questions to see if you are gambling responsibly. Sometimes we don’t realise if something is a problem until it is too late. These questions could be helpful for yourself or for someone you may be worried about.

  • How often do you play for more than you can afford to lose?

  • Do you often continue playing to recover losses?

  • Do you often borrow money or sell things to have more to play with?

  • Do you ever feel anxious, stress or depression during or after gambling?

  • Has anyone close to you ever commented on your gambling?


These questions are a good starting point, but it does not confirm that you have a gambling problem. If you suspect that you might be an addiction after answering the questions, then you should seek advice of a professional such as a psychologist who can help you.

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Hi there! I’m Matilda, the heart and soul behind the editor’s desk at CasinoAus. For over ten years, I’ve journeyed through the vibrant casino industry world, from managing gaming floors in Victoria to spearheading responsible gambling initiatives. My experience has given me a deep understanding of what makes this industry tick. Plus, my background in Business Administration, with a focus on Hospitality Management, means I’m well-versed in the nitty-gritty of gambling regulations and market trends.

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