Guide to Self-exclusion

Self-exclusion is a powerful tool available at most online casinos that enables you to ban yourself from online gambling. This service is available at a wide range of online gambling sites as well as gaming venues.

How Does Self-exclusion Work?

There are a number of different self-exclusion programs available across Australia, but they most work in a similar manner. These programs mainly:

  • Allow you to pick and choose the casinos, venues and online casino sites you wish to be excluded from

  • Enable you to sign a deed listing the venues you agree not to be allowed into for a specific minimum period.

  • If a staff at a venue sees you in the gaming area, they will ask you to leave.

  • At the end of the period of the deed, you can opt to self-exclude for another period or apply to have your gambling account re-opened.

Benefits of Self-exclusion

Self-exclusion is a powerful tool that is available to players struggling with gambling addiction. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Control: Self-exclusion allows you to ban yourself from places where you can gamble. By doing so, you are creating a safe space for yourself to recover and focus on other aspects of your life without the temptation of gambling.

  • Reduction of harm: Studies have shown that self-exclusion programs decrease gambling behaviour. The result of time and money spent on gambling also improves psychological functioning.

  • Counselling: Research has also suggested that self-exclusion has similar short-term outcomes to gambling counselling. Both approaches contribute to harm reduction and improve psychosocial functioning.

Self-exclusion For Gambling Venues And Staff

Some various forms and processes apply to different gaming types. You may want to consult the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice resource material for your type of industry.

Suppose a client approaches a venue about wanting to self-exclusion. In that case, you are under the obligation to provide them with all the necessary information to assist them, such as providing them with the right contact details of at least one gambling help service provider.

Customers should also be aware of the various terms that apply to exclusion and the cooling-off period. Patrons must complete exclusion form 3A. Gambling venues must then process the form as per the instructions in the resource manual. Furthermore, gambling venues must complete a Form 3B as an acknowledgement of the exclusion.

Enforcements of The Gambling Self-banning Order

Once the 24-hour cooling-off period has lapsed, gambling venues and online casinos must take the right responsible gambling measures to ensure that self-exclusion is upheld. Gambling venues and online casinos are provided with the necessary training to ensure that the staff is trained to deal with self-excluded patrons.

Enforcements of the Gambling Self-Banning Order

Self-exclusion From Online Gambling And Mobile Gambling

When it comes to online gambling, different operators have their own way to help you self-exclude. If you are choosing to exclude from online gambling gambling, you should always consider doing it with all the gambling providers you have accounts with.

Some operators allow you to automatically exclude from all the online casinos forming part of the network. However, if there are casinos on different networks you have to self-exclude.

Generally, you can manually self-exclude via the ‘My Account’ section. Some online casinos have other responsible gambling tools available at your disposal, including deposit, wager and loss limits, reality checks and session limits.

It is rare that you cannot apply self-exclusion yourself. If you don’t see the option, you may have to get in touch with a member of the customer support team either via live chat or email. They will ask for a reason why you wish to self-exclude. Once you provide them with the reason, they will apply the self-exclusion. They may also ask if you would like the self-exclusion to be permanent or for a specific number of months.

How You Can Self-exclude From Online Casinos

If you are looking to self-exclude from online casinos, there is a process that you would need to follow:

Log Into Your Account

Start by logging into your online casino account.

Locate The Self-exclusion Feature

Under your Account, there should be a responsible gambling feature, where you can apply the self-exclusion option.

Read The Terms

Take the time to read the terms and conditions provided and understand what self-exclusion and the implications.

Contact Customer Support

Reach out to the casino’s customer support team if required. Discuss your intention to self-exclude and ask any questions you may have.

Choose An Exclusion Timeframe

Decide how long you wish to self-exclude. Options may include a specific period or a lifetime exclusion.

Wait For A Confirmation

After completing all the necessary steps, wait for confirmation from the casino. Once confirmed, you will be logged out of the account and you will be excluded from gambling activities.

Betstop: National Self-exclusion Register In Australia

BetStop is the National Self-Exclusion Register in Australia. It is a safe and free Australian Government initiative designed to help players manage their gambling habits. Its main purpose is to allow players to self-exclude from all licensed Australian online gambling providers in a single process.

You can register for an account with BetStop at any time. Once registered, you will not be able to place bets, open new betting accounts or receive marketing messages from online casinos forming part of the program.

As a player, you also have the flexibility to choose the duration of self-exclusion, ranging from a minimum of three months to a lifetime.

BetStop also gives you the opportunity to nominate someone to support you during your self-exclusion period. You can also gain access to other gambling support services available to you. All personal information supplied during this time is protected and never passed on to any third parties.

BetStop: National Self-Exclusion Register in Australia

Other Ways to Block Access to Online Gambling And Apps

You may wish to consider installing a number of software and application ts that limit and block your access to gambling websites. These include:

Net Nanny
Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a general blocking software that has been designed to protect children from inappropriate web content. It can be used to block online gambling sites. It is also available on both iOS and Android Devices.


CYBERsitter is another recommended software that enables users to choose the type of content and sites they wish to block.


GamBlock is a gambling-specific software designed to block all gambling sites. It is available for all devices including Android.

Support For Self-exclusion

Self-exclusion is the ultimate set in getting all sorts of help when it comes to problem gambling. There are many options available including counselling, peer support, financial counselling and support for family and friends who may have been affected by gambling.

If you require to get in touch about self-exclusion, you can phone Gambler’s Help on 1800 858 858 or by visiting Gambling Help Online. This applies to residents of the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, New South Ways, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Support for Self-Exclusion

Self-Exclusion: FAQs

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