Casino Licences: Fair Gambling For Players

As a casino player, knowing that your funds are safe and that you are provided with a fair gambling session is crucial. In this guide, you will find out all about the various licences and how they can provide you with a secure gambling session.

Australia And Gambling Regulations

In Australia, compliance requirements may depend on the state and territory you are based in, as well as the type of gambling activities. However, there are various gambling activities that must follow specific regulations as follows:

  • Casinos: Land-based casinos operating in Australia must follow strict rules and regulations as imposed by the state authorities.

  • Gaming operators: Those who operate pokies and slot machines must also comply with the various regulations in different states and territories.

  • Lotteries and Keno: Operators of keno and lottery games must also comply with the regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

  • Advertising: Companies involved in the promotion of gambling services via advertising and sponsorships must comply with the rules as enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

What Is A Casino Licence?

A casino licence is a requirement for online gambling sites to operate in specific jurisdictions. They are designed to provide players with a number of safety measures and reassurance. In essence, casino licences:

  • Prevent criminal activities such as terrorism funding and money-laundering

  • Ensure that all games are fair and results are random

  • Random number generators are routinely checked

Fair & Safe Play

In order for a gambling site to obtain a licence, it must meet a number of criteria. The criteria and factors will vary from one gambling jurisdiction to another, but generally comprise:

  • Background checks of owners and key stakeholders

  • An application form that requires various information such as the personal details of the applicant and proof of the source of funds.

  • Proof that the company has sufficient finances to pay out players

  • Proof that the company and its directors are honest and trustworthy

  • Fair gameplay testing, protection of clients’ personal and financial data and timely payouts

Importance of A Casino Licence For Players

A valid gambling licence is important for players for a number of reasons:

Player Protection and Fair Play

A licenced real money online casino is one that is closely regulated and monitored by the relevant authorities. They ensure that fair gaming practices are respected and that the games’ random number generators are not manipulated in any shape or form. This results in unbiased results.

Licensed online casinos must also follow strict safety and security by safeguarding players’ personal and financial information and never passing on any data-sensitive information to third parties.

Payout Reliability

Licensed fast payout online casinos are obligated to pay out winnings in a timely and effective manner. Players can also trust that their funds are safe and that their winnings will be processed and received within the stipulated times.

Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes, licensed casinos must have a structured and streamlined process for resolutions. If a problem arises, players should first try to reach a solution with the casino’s customer support service.

If communication between the player and the casino breaks down, players can seek assistance from the licensing authority. The authority will not take sides but instead will act as a mediator. If it finds that the casino has not adhered to any rules and regulations as stipulated as part of its licensing agreement, then it may be subject to fines and sanctions.

Responsible Gambling Measures

Licensed operators must have various responsible gambling policies in place to protect players. These include having a dedicated Responsible Gambling page that offers advice and support to players as well as various tools.

The availability of responsible gambling tools varies between one casino and another but may include deposit, loss and wager limits, reality checks, session limits and self-exclusion.

Financial Security

Licensed online casinos must keep segregated accounts to safeguard player deposits and their winnings. Players can be confident that their funds will not be misused and kept separate from the casino’s operators.

Legal Recourse

If a licensed casino violates regulations, players have legal recourse. On the other hand, unlicensed casinos may operate outside the law, leaving players in a vulnerable state. Not only is there no guarantee that their personal information is protected, but the games and their results may be tampered with.

Gambling Authorities And Licences

Choosing to gamble at a licensed online casino is a must if you want to enjoy hassle-free gambling and safety. Licensed online casino sites operate legally and have a high degree of trust.


As a player, you are also protected by the gambling authority that has issued a licence to the casino at all times against potential fraudulent actions and unauthorised access. Your personal information will never fall into the wrong hands or be shared with other parties. 


All casinos that have received a gambling licence from well-known gambling jurisdictions have gone through a rigorous application process and have proven to adhere to various gambling laws and safety results.


Here are some of the most popular gambling licences and jurisdictions.

Gambling Licences

Licence Jurisdiction

Benefits and Priorities

Curacao Licence

Lower taxes, fast and easy licensing process.

Malta Licence

High level of client protection and well-respected authority that attracts players.

UKGC Licence

Only available in the United Kingdom. It is best known for its strong client protection measures and thorough vetting process.

Estonia Licence

The Estonian licence is known for its favourable tax rates and transparent licencing process

Kahnawake Licence

The Kahnawake licence gives licensees easy access to the North American market, flexible licensing solutions and tax rates.

Alderney Licence

The Alderney licence gives used access to the UK market via an efficient licensing process.

Ontario Licence

The Ontario licence gives casinos access to the Canadian market by providing tight protection measures.

How An Online Casino Gets A Licence

There are various steps for a casino operator to acquire a casino licence from major licensing jurisdictions around the world.

Research The Jurisdiction

For an online casino to obtain a licence, they must first run a thorough investigation of the jurisdiction, taking into account various crucial factors. These include the cost as well as the duration of the application process, the tax laws, the reliability and trust factor of the licensing authority and the legal structure for online gambling in that jurisdiction.

Application Process

To acquire an online casino licence, applicants must undergo a meticulous application process. The casino must abide by the licensing authority’s strict standards and protocols, which include the submission of extensive documentation.

Application Submission

The submission of the licence application is one of the most important factors. Once the application has been compiled, it must be submitted along with the relevant documentation and required fees. The gambling authority will then run a thorough review of the application, which includes background checks of the owners and the company, the compliance history and the financial situation.

Background Checks

Background checks are a necessary process for the casino licence application. The gambling authority will run rigorous checks on the casino’s and their owner’s background to make sure that the jurisdiction’s standards can be met.


The compliance review is another relevant aspect of the licensing process. The gambling authority in this case will evaluate the software, safety measures and games on offer to ensure that they meet the authority’s standards. As part of the reviewing process, the authority will also run an assessment of the payout percentages of the games.


The granting of the licence is the main aim of the casino’s application process. If the applicant has met all the requirements set by the gambling authority and passes the compliance review, then the casino will be issued a licence. The licence will come with its own set of terms and conditions, which the casino must follow to operate legally within the jurisdiction.

Casino Licence: Rules And Requirements

Rules and requirements are an important factor for any individuals or companies looking to obtain a licence in the online gambling industry. These rules and requirements are likely to vary from one jurisdiction to another and can often be complicated. Failure to comply with these rules and requirements can result in hefty fines, licence revocation and suspension.

Anti-fraud Policies

All trusted gambling authorities have strict anti-money laundering and anti-fraud policies in place to make sure that online casinos comply with the necessary fairness and safety regulations.

Before a gambling licence is granted, the gambling authority will run various tests to evaluate the casino brand to ensure it meets its standards. Licences are never granted to online casinos that have a shady past or have a history of illicit activities and fraud.

As a player, when you are playing at an online casino, you want to make sure that your personal and financial details are secured by the latest SSL encryption technology to prevent access to any unauthorised parties. This encryption technology is an industry-wide standard and ensures that any information shared between the player and the casino is kept under wraps.

Casino Licence: Rules and Requirements

Online Casino Licences: FAQs

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