Best Chances to Win Oz Lotto Division One Prizes

The Lott offers lottery choices for every day of the week. Aussie lotto players can choose from eight different games each week, all of them offering life-changing money for their winners.

Oz Lotto is one of those games. It has become so popular that the Lott did something unexpected in 2019. It revealed which entry types have won more division one prizes than any others.

Daily Lotto Choices

There are so many lotto choices for players that a person almost needs a spreadsheet to track the number options, days of the week, and possible prizes.

Here’s a little breakdown to help:

  • Monday & Wednesday Lotto:  Monday and Wednesday drawings (up to $4 million)
  • Oz Lotto:  Tuesday drawings (up to $2 million)
  • Powerball:  Thursday drawings (up to $20 million)
  • Lucky Super Jackpot:  Thursday drawings (at least $500,000)
  • Lucky Mega Jackpot:  Thursday drawings (at least $1 million)
  • Super 66:  Saturday drawings (up to $70K)
  • TattsLotto:  Saturday drawings (up to $4 million)
  • Set for Life:  Daily drawings (up to $20K per month for 20 years)

Play is available at retail outlets across Australia, via the mobile app, and online at the Lott’s website.

Oz Lotto Details

The basics of Oz Lotto are required before getting into the ways to win.

Every Tuesday, a lottery draw barrel randomly chooses seven main numbers and two supplementary numbers out of a total of 45 number choices.

If there are no division one winners in a drawing, the prize carries over to create an even higher jackpot for the next drawing. The minimum prize for a division one winner is $2 million, but it has grown as high as $100 million in the past.

Let’s look at the ways to win.

  1. System 8 marked entries

The Lott revealed in 2019 that the System 8 marked entries won division one prizes more often than any other type of entry. It was the key to winning prizes over $70 million.

According to spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer, “A system entry is a special type of entry that allows you to play more numbers in each game panel, which gives you more chances to win. In fact, one in five division one winning entries in Oz Lotto from the past three years was a system entry.

Marked entries are simply ones that players mark by choosing their own numbers. Playing the System, however, gives players the chance to choose extra numbers for greater chances to win.

For example, a System 8 game allows for eight numbers to fill the seven-number ticket. Players can also choose anything from a System 8 or System 9 all the way up to System 18. The kicker is that the more numbers a player chooses, the more the tickets cost. For example:

  • System 8 entry = $10.60
  • System 9 entry = $47.60
  • System 10 entry = $158.85
  • System 15 entry = $8,517.35
  • System 18 entry = $42,122.25

The System 8 marked entry is obviously the most affordable and does offer a better chance of winning than a standard ticket.

  1. 50-Game QuickPick entries

This type of pick requires commitment and trust. But it is also frequently a winner of division one prizes for Oz Lotto players.

QuickPick tickets are the easiest options, as there is no time involved to choose the proper numbers. And per Australian regulations, the numbers are purely random and generated by the lottery terminal.

There is a list of QuickPick options with the following price points:

  • Mini (9-game) = $11.90
  • Regular (12-game) = $15.90
  • Super (18-game) = $23.80
  • Mega (24-game) = $31.80
  • Jumbo (36-game) = $47.60
  • Maxi (50-game) = $66.20

Most people are unable to play the 50-game option on a regular basis, but given its chances of winning, it is now worth a try for some players.

  1. Six-Game QuickPick entries

Tied with the next option, these two entries were the third-most likely to win Oz Lotto division ones. This is another QuickPick option, cheaper than the ones listed above and a common one to win.

  1. Four-Game marked entries

This type of entry was actually tied with the six-game QuickPick entries for the third-most frequent winner in Oz Lotto drawings.

Standard marked entries can be played for a single game up to 50 games with the same set of numbers chosen by the player. Prices begin at $1.30 for a one-game marked entry, up to $2.65 for two games, $6.60 for five games, $13.25 for 10 games, $33.10 for 25 games, and topping out at $66.20 for the 50-game marked entry.

The larger tickets are more commonly used by syndicates, or groups of people pooling their money to pay for the tickets and then share the prize.



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