Top 10 Memorable Casino Movie & Tv Scenes

Whether you’re a movie buff or TV junkie not there are some awesome classic and memorable casino scenes and gambling scenes over the past several decade’s everyone remembers. We’ve compiled a list of comedies, dramas, action movies and TV shows that we think deserve to make the list.

We’d like to showcase our favourite and tell you why they made our list. Plus, we are online casinos we think you will love with each notable scene.

Our Favourite Casino Movie & Tv Scenes

1. Casino Royale 1967

A group of spectators are excitedly and eagerly watching two men playing poker. This movie also showcases the fabulous 1960s fashion. Ladies are dressed in beautiful gowns of pastel, touting expertly coifed hair, and wearing the dramatic, black Twiggy-esque eyeliner. The men are dressed to the 9’s, in luxurious suits, seen taking long drags on their cigars, overlooking their cards, carefully waiting to play their next ‘hand.’

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2. Casino

“Casino” is a 1995 American epic crime-drama film directed by “Martin Scorsese” and starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone and many other notable actors and actresses. This clip features Robert De Niro, playing a character named Ace, who is in charge of running several casinos – the head honcho and one not to be trifled with.

In this scene, Ace is dressed in a lemon-meringue coloured suit, a definite nod to the times, is getting upset at a patron who has cheekily propped their sock feet up on the poker table. After the player refuses to take his feet off the table and many profanities are exchanged, Ace, asks security to throw the player out.

There is so much more to this movie than this scene we highly recommend you watch it.

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3. Casino Royale – 007 Bond Movie

The scene is set within a private room in a casino where four high rollers are betting on poker, one of them, of course, being, Mr. Bond. One of the standout moments in this film is the tense scene where large bets are placed, totalling over 100 million dollars.

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4. What Happens in Vegas

Luck and fate were on Ashton Kutcher’s side, who plays the character, Jack Fuller, in “What Happens in Vegas,” when he deposits a quarter and wins the 3-million-dollar jackpot at a pokie machine at a Los Vegas casino. He then has to fight with this newly married wife on who actually gets the money!

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5. The Gambler

Genius university professor by day and hard-core gambler by night. The last scene is the nail-biter, we won’t ruin it for you but it is an all or nothing play on roulette. The words “all on black,” are said.

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6. The Office – “Casino Night”

The best place to watch the full episode is Netflix!

I don’t think anyone who watches The Office can forget this episode. Designed as a fundraiser for multiple charities, this episode takes a play on the allure and draw of the casino to foreshadow many character plotlines for upcoming episodes.

At casino night the warehouse is decorated in blue velvet, there are casino hosts, servers and staff waiting on guests.
There are neon lights hovering over the game types, like craps, blackjack, roulette and a cashier’s table!

This episode is full of laughs and will hit you with some good ole’ nostalgia. Arguably one of the best episodes in this TV series – this is a must-watch.

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7. Ocean’s 13

The Ocean’s trilogy of movies are great, packed with action, superb cinematography and top-notch actors and actresses, these movies will keep you wanting more.

In Ocean’s 13 there is a standout casino robbery scene involving a highly-technical heist. The heist is strategically planned with all members of the group “winning,” at various games and tables around the casino, while they have planned a system-wide shutdown.

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8. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The best place to watch the full episode is Netflix!

Friends, one of the favourite TV shows of the ’90s has a two-part, season five series finale based in a Las Vegas casino.

The casino is full of patrons playing a roulette table, spinning pokies and trying their luck at poker. The notable scene in this episode is with Monica and Chandler playing roulette.

With seemingly endless luck, Monica wins and wins. Feeling courageous Chandler puts a bet on a marriage proposal, for the next dice throw.

Watch the two-part finale to discover see if they end up tying the knot.

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9. Rain Man

This cult classic movie, Rain Man, stars Dustin Hoffman as Raymond, and Tom Cruise as Charlie, biological brothers.

After Raymond’s brother, Charlie, discovers his incredible abilities of memory and math, Charlie decides to take Raymond to the casino. This duo gets gussied up in grey suits, new haircuts and polished shoes to put their best foot forward at the poker table,As much fun as playing casino games, there is a strategy that goes into winning. Do you think you are as talented as Raymond?

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10. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

This 1998 film features a prominent scene where a group of so-called high-rollers have gathered to play the card game, Brag. This game most closely resembles poker and is played in a nearly similar fashion. A young man named Eddie, a self-proclaimed card shark enters into the game, and unfortunately loses, to a wealthy and powerful “businessman,” aka, crime-lord and ends up owing a whopping £500,000.

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What’s Your Favourite Pop-culture Casino Scene?

Do you have a favourite movie and TV memory that we didn’t share? Let us know below! Want to learn more about any of the casino games mentioned in this article?
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