The Lott Reveals Most Frequent Lotto Winners In 2020

The Lott keeps data. It makes sense for a company based on numbers. When the public is lucky, the Lott puts that data together and reveals information and trends. For most, this is nothing more than interesting and fun, but could it be useful?

This month, the Lott revealed statistics about its 2020 lottery winners, most notably regarding their names and ages. The data came from all divisions in the 12-month period ending 31 December 2020.

Does Your Name Start with J?

People with the first initial of J who played Lott games in 2020 were more likely to win than anyone else. The Lott didn’t reveal the winningest entire first name, but most winners’ names started with a J.

In 2019, the top names also started with J. Coincidence? You decide.

It actually wasn’t close, as the data showed that 11%  winners’ names started with a J. The next most common letter was A, but that was significantly lower at just 8.2%. Barely behind the A names were the D names at 8.14%.

Absolutely no winners’ names began with U or X, with Q, O, and Y names representing only 0.3% each. Names starting with I represented only 0.55% of the winners, and V came in at 0.56%. Somewhat surprisingly, Z names comprised 1.1% of the winners.

In order of popularity, these were the first initials of winners’ first names in 2020:

  • J = 11%
  • A = 8.2%
  • D = 8.14%
  • M = 7.58%
  • R = 7.3%
  • S = 6.74%
  • C = 6.46%
  • L = 5.61%
  • G or P = 5.05% each
  • B = 4.8%
  • K = 3.65%
  • H = 3.37%
  • N or W = 3.03% each
  • E or T = 2.8% each
  • F = 2.22%

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney noted, “It’s always interesting to look at the trends that emerge from division one data and create a profile of our major lottery winners.”

Are You in Your 60s?

The same data analysis delivered information regarding ages of the winners. Instead of breaking it down by individual ages, the Lott categorized it all by decades. Of course, this information should be compared to the percentage of people in each age group who play lottery games, but that is not available.

Anyway, the majority of the winners are in their 60s, but 40s and 50s are not far behind. Winners in their 20s are much rarer, but there are also relatively few winners in their 30s.

  • 60s = 26.43%
  • 40s = 21.43%
  • 50s = 20.71%
  • 70s = 18.57%
  • 30s = 10.71%
  • 20s = 2.14%

Anyone Can Win

As an important reminder, lottery games are completely random. While there are trends from past players and winners, every player has the same chance as the next person of winning.

Cooney added, “It is important to remember that lotteries are fun games of chance, and no matter what your initial is or how old you are, as long as you have an entry, there’s a chance a win could be in your future.

The bigger picture shows that a total of 104.9 million people won something in the Lott games in 2020. And those winnings totaled $3.45 billion. And in the first six months of that year, Australia’s Official Lotteries contributed more than $1.4 billion to community organizations and initiatives via state lottery taxes.

The Lott games include Saturday Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries, Keno, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Super 66, Lotto Strike, and the instant scratch-it tickets. The scratchers alone awarded 177 top prizes that cumulatively totaled $16 million.

Data includes all of those games, purchased in retail locations or online. And the Lott’s jurisdictions are New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and South Australia.


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