Poker Players Await Season V Info After Apt Brisbane

More poker. The Australian poker community wants more poker. They have little access to online poker due to illogical laws, which were created by lawmakers who can’t seem to distinguish poker from pokies. And the pandemic has been hurting the live poker scene for more than a year and a half. One of the few highlights in that live poker scene has been the persistence of the Australian Poker Tour. Last month, the APT wrapped its Season IV at Brisbane. Players now await news about Season V.

Final Numbers at Eatons Hall

The Australian Poker Tour’s Season IV Grand Final took place at Eatons Hall. APT organizers planned to host more than 30 tournaments with buy-ins that ranged from $60 to $5,000.

Turnout was below expectations but fair considering the ongoing pandemic restrictions. Travel remains somewhat hindered, and Australia – like so many countries around the world – is trying to navigate the levels of danger for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The APT had hoped to award $1.75M in prize money. In the end, though, the total came to $1,156,070.

Overall, there were 4,311 entries that created the $1.15M in prize pools.

Player of the Series

When the series was said and done, Sam Adams won the Player of the Series title with $10,150. He won that title over the course of the week of tournaments, as he final tabled several of them, winning two. One of those just so happened to be the Main Event.

These were his results:

  • Event 7: $2,500 NLHE Goliath (1st place finish for $46,140)
  • Event 8: $660 NLHE 6-Max Shot Clock (3rd place for $4,400)
  • Event 12: $600 NLHE Main Event (1st place for $48,000)
  • Event 14: $120 NLHE 6-Max Shootout (Round 2 finish for $200)
  • Event 24: $200 NLHE (14th place for $425)
  • Event 25: $1,200 Big PLO (2nd place for $12,200)

That series domination also put him atop the full Season IV Player of the Year leaderboard. He ended the season with 9,335 points, far ahead of Cooper Smout with 6,945 points in second place. For the win, Adams collected another $50,000.

Results as Provided

For the entire series in Brisbane, we found some results on the APT Facebook page. There were some events not mentioned, however, pertaining to results. Those are in italic below.

  • Event 1: $150 buy-in NLHE Opener = 185 entries, $22,400 prize pool ($30K est), Jason Jorton won it for $6,000
  • Event 2: Invitational Tournament of Champions ($30K GTD), Juan Amezquita won it for a PokerShop 200 ticket
  • Event 3: $100 NLHE 8-Max Freezeout ($15K est)
  • Event 4: $350 NLHE Big Bounty = 177 entries, $50,175 prize pool ($75K est), Waikin Cheung won it for $7,450
  • Event 5: $120 Short-Deck (antes only) ($10K est)
  • Event 6: $150 NLHE Mix Max (8-6-2) ($15K est)
  • Event 7: $2,500 NLHE Goliath ($300K est)
  • Event 8: $660 NLHE 6-Max Shot Clock ($30K est)
  • Event 9: $100 Pineapple ($10K est)
  • Event 10: $450 NLHE 6-Max Championships = 107 entries, $40,335 prize pool ($40K est), Simon Pedler won it for $11,500
  • Event 11: $200 NLHE Championships Mini Main Event = 260 entries, $42,920 prize pool ($100K est), Brenton Buttigieg won it for $42,920
  • Event 12: $600 NLHE Main Event = 412 entries, $206,200 prize pool ($300K est), Sam Adams won it for $48,000
  • Event 13: $550 PLO8 = 26 entries, $11,840 prize pool ($20K est), Mike Maddocks won it for $5,000
  • Event 14: $120 NLHE 6-Max Shootout = 134 entries, $12,265 prize pool ($15K est), Anthony Hanrahan won it for $2,865
  • Event 15: $1K NLHE Players Championships = 114 entries, $92,100 prize pool ($150K est), Dylan Wayne won it for $27,500
  • Event 16: $120 NLHE Accelerator = 78 entries, $6,860 prize pool ($10K est), Dinesh Singham won it for $2,000
  • Event 17: $120 NLHE Ladies Championship ($7,500 est)
  • Event 18: $60 NLHE Short Stack Shuffle = 56 entries, $2,085 prize pool ($10K est), Kieran Coates won it for $730
  • Event 19: $1,200 NLHE The Grind = 144 entries, $144,000 prize pool ($200K est), Jesse Stanley won it for $39,000
  • Event 20: $120 NLHE Rebuy = 93 entries, $8,305 prize pool ($15K est), John Vercoe won it for $8,305
  • Event 21: $120 NLHE Big Bounty = 188 entries, $17,380 prize pool ($15K est), Brodie Parker won it for $1,490
  • Event 22: $350 NLHE National Teams (5-player teams) = 18 teams, $3,510 prize pool ($15K est), Sunny Five won it for $1,755
  • Event 23: $200 NLHE ($30K est)
  • Event 24: $1,200 Big PLO = 177 entries, $29,025 prize pool ($75K est), Andrew Allan won it for $7,800
  • Event 25: $1,200 8-Game Mix Champs ($25K est)
  • Event 26: $240 NLHE Tag Team (2-player teams) = 48 teams, $9,350 prize pool ($12,500 est), Kim Beard and Lana Greenway won it for $3,600
  • Event 27: $450 NLHE Beast = 259 entries, $98,500 prize pool ($100K est), Dean Stacey won it for $25,000
  • Event 28: $80 NLHE Megastack = 124 entries, $6,550 prize pool ($10K est), Yoichi Higuchi won it for $1,315
  • Event 29: $800 PLO-NLHE Rotation High Roller = 47 entries, $30,865 prize pool ($50K est), Kiale Matthews won it for $12,000
  • Event 30: $60 PLO Frenzy = 130 entries, $5,640 prize pool ($7,500 est), Tyla Covill won it for $1,500

Season V?

Several months ago, the APT revealed a tentative fifth season schedule. The first event was to happen in the first week of November in Sydney at the Cube. Season V would then get through the holidays and resume in January with a series at Eatons Hall, followed by March in Sydney, April into May on the Gold Coast, July in Adelaide, September back in Brisbane, and the finale in November in Sydney.

Considering this information is not on the website, though, it may be on hold until the pandemic calms further. Considering the lower-than-expected turnout in September for the finale, there may be some discussions happening.

Players will know as soon as the Australian Poker Tour makes their decisions.


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