Crown Perth Player Hits Royal Flush Jackpot

Sometimes, it happens. A player at a casino wins a life-changing amount of money. Recently, it happened at Crown Perth Casino in Australia, with the poker player taking down a massive $3.6 million royal flush jackpot.

Royal Flush Jackpot Win

It was a Saturday night in June, and a man was playing at a version of poker at a Texas Hold’em table, not in the poker room but in the table games section of the Crown Perth Casino.

He put $15 on the hand, which included a bet on the progressive circle, meaning he wanted to play for the chance to win the progressive jackpot. Most seasoned gamblers don’t play those progressives because they are such a longshot to win. However, this man took that chance.

The gambler subsequently hit a heart royal flush, which was ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of the same suit. And by hitting that hand and playing the progressive, he won the jackpot, which was set at $3.6 million.

This set a record for the most amount of money awarded at a Texas Hold’em Poker table at Crown Perth.

The casino’s Chief Operating Officer Lonnie Bossi said: “To have a record-breaking $3.6 million won at Crown Perth is quite extraordinary”.

What is Texas Hold’em Poker?

Texas Hold’em is a poker variant that involves each player receiving two hole cards, with five community cards for communal use. The best five-card hand then wins the pot.

This is how the game is played in a poker room. Nevertheless, many casinos have parlayed the popularity of poker into the table games section as well. The Texas Hold’em Poker table is one that allows players to compete against the dealer instead of other players. This gives the casino an edge because the dealer must beat only one player to win.

In the table game version, this is how it is played:

  • Card player must bet the minimum, which is the ante, to receive hole cards.
  • Player can then bet twice the amount of the ante or fold.
  • Flop (first three community cards) is dealt, and player can check or bet the ante amount.
  • Turn (fourth community card) is dealt, and player can check or bet the ante amount.
  • River (fifth community card) is dealt, and player can check or bet the ante amount.
  • Dealer turns over his/her hole cards to determine the winner.

Prior to the start of the hand, there are several optional bets for each player.

• Bonus bet: Payouts depend on certain requirements for hole cards.
• Progressive bet: The progressive jackpot pays for a royal flush.

Difference Between Table Games and Poker Room Games

The two versions of Texas Hold’em are different in several ways.

When Texas Hold’em – or any type of poker – is played in a poker room, players compete against each other. The dealer does not play, only deals the cards, monitors the betting, and oversees all of the action. There is a portion of each pot that is paid to the casino called the ‘rake’. It is the only way the casino makes money from actual poker games.

Table games offering Texas Hold’em do not pit players against each other. Each player at the table competes only against the dealer, giving the house an edge to win. A win for the dealer is a win for the casino.

In addition, table games offer the aforementioned side bets, such as for the progressive and other bonus offerings. Most of the time, players lose these bets, and the money goes to the casino.

These side bets often rely on players hitting rare hands. Payouts vary per table and casino. However, bonus bet payout examples for hole cards include:

  • Two aces = 30x bet
  • Ace-king suited = 25x bet
  • Two kings, queens, or jacks = 10x bet

House Edge On Side Bets

Depending upon the payout list, a casino maintains anywhere from 8.5% to 9% of a house edge on those bets. While they can pay well, they also lose the majority of the time.

This also applies to any progressive jackpot bet. Most progressive bets pay smaller amounts for hitting various hands, but it is best to check with the casino to make sure before placing that extra bet.

If a player uses optimal strategy and bets a hand as the odds dictate, the house maintains a minimum of a 2% edge on every hand, depending upon that casino’s rules. This is why most skilled poker players compete in a poker room against other players, not at a table against dealers with side bets available.

However, there are no progressive jackpots in most poker rooms. The man above would never have won $3.6 million in a poker room.

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