New Online Casino Game: Dragons Lucky 8

Dragons symbolize power and strength. The number eight is supposed to bring wealth and fortune. Wazdan brought them together for its latest online slot game that has more luck wrapped in its title than most casino games do in their entirety.

Wazdan Introduces Its Latest

When Wazdan started creating online casino games, it was in 2010 and developers were just beginning to put their gaming passion onto platforms. The company launched its first server-based casino in 2012, moved to HTML5 in 2015, and expanded its market coverage in 2019.

With numerous awards and all of the required licenses displayed on its website, Wazdan focuses heavily on creating vivid, detailed, colorful, and innovative casino games.

Dragons Lucky 8 offers volatility levels to operators, double screen mode, and even an energy-saving mode. There is even the big screen option to let the game fill a player’s entire computer or mobile screen.

Wazdan Head of Sales Andrzej Hyla says the game is the start of a line of releases in the coming months. “Dragons Lucky 8 is a fun-packed slots game with special features aplenty,” he said, “in addition to high-class graphics, animation, audio and navigation.”

Wazdan Dragons Lucky 8

Important Info about Dragons Lucky 8

Complete with 6 reels and 3 rows, Dragons Lucky 8 offers 20 paylines. The RTP (return-to-player) is 96.6%, higher than many new games.

The game offers wilds, scatters, and free spins, as well as variable win multipliers that can multiply winnings up to 8x.

Some of the Wazdan features that Australian online casino operators can use with the game are volatility levels and double-screen mode, both options for players to customize the game to their level of skill and comfort. The energy-saving mode helps mobile players save battery life.

Dragons Lucky 8 Basics and Payouts

The game opens to Chinese characters and a pagoda containing the reels. Golden dragons surround the pagoda on a lush, green hillside atop a mountain. The colors are eye-catching, and the music creates a cultural calm with a bit of mystery.

Players can immediately set the coin value to start as low as 1, which means the bet is $0.20. There are few options above that, with the game maxed out at 5 coins for a maximum cash bet of $1.00.

The payouts for the symbols in Dragons Lucky 8 are listed here, based on hitting six on a payline at the lowest bet possible:

  • Wild fire-eyed dragon = $5.00
  • Scatter green-eyed tiger = $2.00
  • Coconut = $2.50
  • Orange = $1.60
  • Grapes = $1.00
  • Melon = $0.60
  • Peach = $0.30
  • Apple = $0.20

Dragons Lucky 8

How to Play Dragons Lucky 8

Players begin the game with the spin button and hope for a variety of lucrative outcomes.

The wild symbol can substitute for all symbols but the scatters.

Speaking of scatters, those trigger free spins when they appear in groups as follows:

  • 3 scatters = 15 free spins
  • 4 scatters = 20 free spins
  • 5 scatters = 25 free spins
  • 6 scatters = 30 free spins

More free spins can hit during a bonus round. All the while, winnings accumulate and are distributed to the player when the spins are completed.

The multipliers are exciting because they can draw for each spin. And one multiplier sticks until another one is drawn to replace it. The active multiplier glows at the top of the pagoda, just above the reels. When the 8x multiplier is active, special flute music plays, and the dragons surrounding the reels breathe fire.

After a big win, such as with a free spin round, two circles appear above the spin button. Players can choose the hand with the dollar sign to simply claim their winnings. Or they can choose the chips with the x2 on them to gamble. The player can then gamble half or all of the win in a heads-or-tails sort of game. The player can keep doubling up to seven times if they choose.

Also Available: Beauty Fruity

The last release before Dragons Lucky 8 was called Beauty Fruity, a fresh take on the traditional fruit-filled game. The setting for the game is the beach and palm trees. The game is not designed for those with a sensitivity to gender equality or modern roles of the sexes in the world, but players without those sensibilities will enjoy the game.

Where to Play Wazdan Games?

There are several Aussie online casinos that feature Wazdan games and proudly offer the new Dragons Lucky 8. Kaulana Casino is one of them, and Wazdan also maintains a relationship with Playamo Casino.

Players can click through the links on our page to start playing with the best casino bonus available.


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