Top 8 Online Casino Myths Dispelled

Online casinos have been maligned by some governments around the world. They have been put in the same dangerous category of internet dangers as pornography. This happens when people fail to understand the basics of real money casinos, and given in to online casino myths.

There are also many myths about online gaming – regarding online poker, online slots Australia, and online table games – that persist out of ignorance. When people do not know the truths about online gaming and the safety measures built in to those sites, they can easily spread those online casino myths and untruths.

Interestingly, the Australian government perpetuates these myths.

Lawmakers also fail to understand that most of these untruths could be dispelled and corrected by adopting a regulation and licensing regime for online casino operators. This would assure players that the gaming is safe and they are protected.

Let’s take a look at some of those myths and dispel them today.

  1. Myth: Kids Can Play on Internet Casinos

Online casino operators take many precautions when allowing new players to sign up for accounts and deposit funds. Players are required to provide picture identification, proof of residence, and sometimes even more proof of identity when establishing an account. This information is verified by account representatives to ensure the players are of legal age.

Operators do not want children using their gaming sites.

  1. Myth: Games are Not Fair

Every reputable online casino obtains a license from a globally recognized regulatory agency. This means they must adhere to regulations and submit to regular audits. This ensures that players are treated fairly and the games are running fairly.

All internet casinos use random number generators. These must be shown to be in proper working order any time a regulator requests a surprise audit or simply authorizes inspectors to randomly check the games. If games are not random, the sites will be shut down.

  1. Myth: Enterprises Funnel Money Through Internet Gaming

Most players on internet casinos gamble with fairly small amounts of money. This is a form of entertainment, and most players treat it as such.

There are high rollers, high-stakes players who typically play casino games online. These players are well-known to the casino operators and vetted. Their identifications are verified.

In addition, players can only deposit and withdraw certain amounts of money per day, week, and month, limited by the financial institutions and payment processors used. This essentially makes money laundering and other crimes unfeasible.

  1. Myth: Player Funds are Not Protected

In fact, player funds are protected in all online casino accounts due to the oversight of regulators. Whether those regulatory authorities are located in Malta, Cypress, or other locations, the operators are monitored and audited regularly.

If players have complaints about the timing of withdrawals of their funds, they can contact the regulator, which will investigate promptly. If an online casino has persistent problems or is found to be unable to pay players, the site will immediately be shut down and warnings issued.

Player funds are very well protected by encryption methods when processed and in the accounts when being used for casino play.

  1. Myth: Sites Encourage Gambling Addiction

Online casino operators take the duty of promoting responsible gambling very seriously.

Check any casino site for problem gambling information. One will find information about how to limit one’s own gambling, how to detect problems, and nonprofit organizations worldwide that can be of service to players.

Sites like ours that recommend online casinos also provide responsible gambling information for players.

  1. Myth: Players Cannot Withdraw Their Winnings

There are always limits placed on the amount of winnings that players can withdraw at one time, but these are generally limits invoked by the payment processors and financial institutions that facilitate the withdrawals at online casinos.

In addition, limits are in place to prohibit the kind of money laundering and criminal activity that some government officials claim happens on these sites.

  1. Myth: Gambling Online is Illegal

This is a generalization that is mostly false. Players around the world gamble online.

Even in Australia, players gamble on government-licensed sites when betting on sports and lottery games. These are as much games of chance and risky betting practices as are online casino games.

There are some countries that prohibit all types of gambling – live and online – in any format whatsoever. But those countries are rare and do not include major markets like Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

  1. Myth: Offshore Online Casinos Don’t Want Licenses

Casino operators obtain licenses by international regulators in order to prove their legitimacy.

Most operators would also be willing to obtain licenses within various countries, like Australia. This would mean they could advertise and market their products the way that lotteries and sports betting operations do. The reason that online casino operators don’t have national licenses in countries like Australia is because they are not offered for casino games.


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