Top 8 Online Casino Myths Debunked

The pattern of online casino gaming is up and down. Players win and lose at the online pokies and online casino games. It is all random, but many people cannot accept its randomness and perpetuate online casino myths.

Yes, it’s natural to try looking for reasons for why things happen. However, some players invent their own explanations for winning or losing that have no actual basis in fact. Some might even call it fake news.

8 Common Online Casino Myths Debunked

Rumours are easy to start. And myths often grow over time to perpetuate a truth that one person – and then many people need to believe. Most of the persistent online casino myths are easily debunked with facts, though!


Online casinos are rigged!

Online casino games operate by international regulatory standards that require games to use a random number generator or RNGs. These are not implemented by the online casinos themselves but by the game developers, and the RNG is a part of the game. It ensures that online pokies are random.

All Australian slots have a certification that vouches for the flawless operation of that RNG. Any game developer or manufacturer can subsequently produce that certificate to show its authenticity. Casinos that offer those games can similarly show that RNG evidence.


Players never win during promotions

Some players are wary of online casino promotions and loyalty programs because they feel that the casinos are just using them to lure players into gambling more. This is simply not true because casino operators cannot “make” a player win or lose when they choose.

Simply participating in a promotion or welcome bonus, or when using loyalty rewards from a VIP program, does not change the odds.


Pokies pay out more often at night

It is unclear how this myth entered the mainstream, but it is simply not true. There are no mechanisms by which a game will pay out more or less depending upon the time of day or night.

If a player happens to win more during nighttime hours than when playing during the day, it is merely a coincidence.


Players win less often when using auto-play or auto spins

The auto-play feature available on most online casino games merely gives players the option to spin faster and easier. It allows him or her to do other things while still spinning the reels. Many players use it because the regular spins aren’t as thrilling as a bonus round or free spins, and the auto spins stop when it gets to that point.


Real money online pokies are tighter after a big win

Sometimes, players will steer clear of a jackpot slot online that recently hit or any online slot that pays out a big sum of money. The myth is very popular that slots run hot and cold, and they are less likely to hit once a player has won a big jackpot or payout.

Again, it all goes back to the fact that real money online pokies – whether jackpots or not – operate via that random number generator. Nothing about a payout changes the way the RNG works. The slot game has no personality and does not tighten is wallet right after it pays out to one player.

It truly is a random machine and is just as likely to hit two times in a row as it is to wait a month before hitting again.


You have to bet big to win

It is true that the bigger the bet, the bigger the win. That is simple math. However, winning itself is not dependent upon the amount of money bet per spin.

The payouts are listed on the “information” page of each game, and the game does not get upset when the player bets small, deciding not to line up any symbols because it is upset. That is just not possible.

There are some online slots that require a certain minimum bet to qualify for jackpots. That is why it is important to look at the betting requirements of any game with a jackpot.

Most pokies online do not require any minimum bet, though. And the RNG does not change based on the betting amount.


Online casinos don’t pay after a player withdraws winnings

If online casinos didn’t want players to win, they wouldn’t be in the business of gambling. Players who win are happy players and ones who are more likely to come back and play again.

Just because a player cashes out their winnings by making a withdrawal from their online casino account doesn’t mean the casino will punish the player. The casino has no control over whether a player wins or loses. Remember, it’s random.


Online jackpot games rarely hit

Many people only hear the news stories about online jackpot slots hitting for millions of dollars. Nevertheless, there are life-changing jackpots that hit online every day. Some pay out hundreds of dollars, some thousands, and others five-figure or six-figure jackpots, but they are always hitting.

Again, all online slot games – even jackpot and progressive slots – are random! That is not a myth!

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