Best Ways to Manage Your Online Casino Budget

Anyone who plays regularly at Australian online casinos such as Fair Go Casino and Playamo, should have an online casino budget. It is like any other form of entertainment, in that a person has an idea of what an activity will cost before doing it.

If a person goes to the movies, he or she has some idea of what the tickets will cost and how much they will need for food and drinks. There should be no reason to go much beyond that estimated cost.

The same goes for online casino play. Players should have an online casino budget, possibly a starting amount of what they intend to initially deposit into the account and then a limit as to how much they can reasonably afford to deposit if they choose to do so again.

Online Casino Budget Management Tips

Many people talk about bankroll management for poker players, but online casino players should practice some of the same strategies to keep their funds under control.

1. Decide How Long a Bankroll Must Last

This can be difficult, but it can be done to set a standard and budget.

A player should know how long they intend to play online. That amount of time should then be partnered with the money in one’s budget to figure out the proper stakes to play.

For example, Joe has $50 to deposit and two hours to play. This divides down to $25 per hour and means Joe must play very low stakes and do so slowly. Joe should possibly start by exploring some pokie games that offer free-play to make sure the casino offers spins under $0.10. After all, $0.10 per spin is only 250 spins, and those can go quicker than one thinks.

2. Use Promotions to Get the Most Bonus Money

Take a look at several of our top-ranked online casino options for Aussie players and check out their bonuses. First-time players should use the one that has the best bonus for the amount of money they are using to play.

Others should go to the sites themselves and look for good reload bonuses and other promotions to choose the one that will work best for their deposit amount and intention to play regularly – or not.

Players can easily double their initial deposit by adhering to the rules of a bonus.

3. Choose a Solid Loyalty Program

Most online casinos offer some type of VIP or loyalty program for players. Even if someone only intends to play once a week or once per month, it pays to choose a casino with the best rewards for regular play.

We have information on many of the loyalty programs offered by the top-ranked Aussie casinos. However, all information should be double-checked with the casino of choice to read the fine print.

4. Avoid Auto Spins!

Using the auto-spin function on an online pokie game is the best way to see a gambling bankroll disappear fast…and miss out on the fun of seeing the payouts. Auto-spins will stop for player bonuses. However, during regular play, the person misses out on the fun of most online slots.

Slow down! If you have a limited bankroll and want to make it last, spin slowly and enjoy the animation, symbols, sound effects, music, and payline wins.

5. Regularly Check on Account Status

If a player is trying to earn a bonus or climb the ladder of a loyalty program or VIP club, players should pause their play every 15 or 30 minutes to check their account status. It’s smart to know how much is in your account at all times. You can also check how you are progressing toward free money or any type of bonuses.

6. Avoid the Big Bet Temptation

Many players are tempted to bet bigger. Especially after winning big in a bonus round or hitting several payouts in a row. A player can feel lucky. “I’m on a roll!”

No, that’s technically not true. There are no rolls when the games are completely random. Stay patient and don’t overplay the game. If that bankroll has a limit, it’s best to stay at the initial comfort level as long as necessary to prolong the entertainment.

7. Know When to Stop

This is perhaps the most important rule of online casino gambling. By sticking to a budget and adhering to some basic bankroll management rules, the games continue to be fun and serve as entertainment.

When a player gets frustrated, it might be easy to make another deposit because “I’m due” or “it’s only a matter of time before I hit something.” Again, those things are gamblers’ fallacies.

Keep in mind that even the most successful gamblers take a break. Especially when they lose a lot of hands or spins in a row. Get up, walk around the block, have a snack, or watch television. Those bad vibes will go away quicker than you think.

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