Reasons Math Skills Are Important In Online Gaming

Many people point to casino games like poker and note the importance of math skills in the ability to excel. Players who can quickly calculate the number of outs, pot odds, and implied pot odds often have a better rate of success in poker than others. However, math is important in other gambling games, too.

A blackjack enthusiast doesn’t have to master counting cards to be better at the game, but math skills can help a person become a better player.

Even in the most casual of online casino pokie games, math is crucial to knowing how much is being bet on every hand. And players can use basic math to understand how much money they’re winning or losing per hour. Or maths can even be used to simply double-check the winnings per the payline promised.

How Math Skills Can Improve Online Gambling Play

Here are a few ways that gambling math skills can help an online casino player become a better gambler:


House Edge

The house edge is something that many players take for granted when playing casino games. They know that the casino has an advantage, so what does a percentage or two of a difference really matter?

It matters a great deal.

A player with a concept of edges can tell the difference between a roulette game with one zero and one that also has a double-zero. European roulette has a single zero on the wheel, and American roulette has a zero and a double zero. The European version offers 2.7% less of a house edge – better for the player – than the American type.



In online table games, the casino will calculate the payouts; players don’t have to do it. However, players should know what the odds of gambling on certain numbers or placing certain wagers.

Back to roulette, a player can bet on a number on the board with the knowledge that it could pay 35-to-1 or bet red or black for a 2-to-1 payout. If the player knows the amount or risk involved, it might change the way he or she bets. And they can better calculate the potential payout for the amount that they choose to wager.

Online video poker is another game in which payouts are important. Players should look for the best video poker payouts. They should know whether a 2-1 payout is better than 3-to-2. It makes a difference in the amount of money that could be won. Players can then choose the games that have better payout tables.


Calculate Hourly Rates

Players should know the math behind calculating their hourly win and loss rates. Especially those with trying to make their money last longer with limited internet casino bankrolls.

A player may have $25 with which to play, and he or she wants to make it last about two hours. First, they should figure out how much they want to bet on each spin of the online pokie that will make that money last the longest. Then, they will want to compare the amount they will bet against the RTP – return-to-player – percentage of that game, which can be found on most casino review sites. The RTP is an average of how often the player will win over time. By using some simple math equations, players can figure out how much they can gamble on a certain game with an allotted bankroll.

Even if the money is not an issue, players should occasionally examine how long they play online and compare that to how much money they win or lose. If a player loses a substantial amount of money during most sessions, he or she might want to reconsider how much time they play going forward.


Bonus Calculations

When a player first joins an online casino, they should do so with a welcome bonus. Players should also look for reload bonus opportunities and other promotions to make the most of their money.

In order to fulfill most bonuses, players have to wager their winnings a certain number of times before they can withdraw those winnings.

When choosing a bonus, it’s good to compare the bonus amounts as well as the wagering requirements. This takes a little math to figure out which are the best for each player and the amount they intend to play.


Hand Odds

Players games like blackjack online make it difficult to practice something like counting cards. However, they can play optimal blackjack by knowing the best plays for each hand dealt. This requires some memorisation but can also be done by calculating the odds during a hand.

For example, a player at a single-deck blackjack table may look down at two cards that equal 12 against a five showing for the dealer. The player has a better chance of winning by holding and not taking any more cards. That’s because the dealer is more likely to bust with his hand.

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