The Lott Reveals Winning Lotto Ticket Towns And Regions

Everyone who plays the lotto wants to know the secret to winning. They use their own lucky numbers. Some use superstitions about when and where to buy their tickets. And others want to know the inside information, such as which numbers hit the most and which retailers sell the most winning tickets.

The Lott has some of those statistics.

The lottery provider released the information this month, ahead of the upcoming New Year’s Eve $40 Million Megadraw. The statistics consist of information from 2021 through 30 November 2021, the first 11 months of this year.

How Much Money?

The bottom-line number is more than $1.3 billion. That’s how much money lotto players won in those firt 11 months of 2021. It happened over 480 divisions.

From the 2021 fiscal year, the Lott contributed more than $1.5 billion in various state lottery taxes and donations to retailers’ communities. And speaking of retailers, the Lott paid them more than $444.7 million in commissions.

A breakdown of the various games, brands, and prize money in 2021 (so far) is as follows:

  • Saturday Lotto: 323 winning entries (186 creating millionaires) of $441.5 million in total
  • Monday and Wednesday Lotto: 100 Division One winning entries (92 creating millionaires) of $60.8 million in total
  • Powerball: 14 Division One entries of $500,174,927.70 in total
  • Oz Lotto: 18 winning entries of $224,737,314 in total
  • Lucky Lotteries Super and Mega Jackpots: 121 first prize and jackpot winners of $32.15 million in total
  • Instant Scratch-Its: 142 top prizes of $8,865,354 in total
  • Set for Life: 89 Division One entries of $427.2 million in total

Those are totals and not broken down by region or state.

Victoria and NSW/ACT

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney helped spread this enticing information about winning locales. “While lottery wins can land anywhere, from time to time, we see pockets of wins emerge in certain postcodes and regions,” she said. “This year, we’ve seen wins fall far and wide across the country, from inner-city suburbs to regional locations.”

When broken down by Division One wins, Victoria comes out on top by a few:

  • Victoria = 131
  • New South Wales and ACT = 127
  • Queensland = 100
  • Western Australia = 63
  • South Australia = 37
  • Tasmania = 16
  • Northern Territory = 6

Several changes occur, however, when ranking those area by the total amount of money awarded by Division One prizes. NSW and ACT come out on top, and Northern Territory moves up a notch.

  • New South Wales and ACT = $397,397,564.41
  • Victoria = $358,354,516.90
  • Queensland = $316,402,555.93
  • Western Australia = $120,827,660.00
  • South Australia = $50,611,092.80
  • Northern Territory = $46,033,518.35
  • Tasmania = $19,454,210.36

NSW and ACT remain at the top of the list of most millionaires created by Division One wins. And Queensland jumps into second on the list. The number of millionaires created in each territory in 2021 through the end of November is:

  • New South Wales and ACT = 97
  • Queensland = 79
  • Victoria = 71
  • Western Australia = 39
  • South Australia = 29
  • Northern Territory = 15
  • Tasmania = 8

Breaking Down to Suburbs

The Lott broke the winnings down even further. They looked at the postcodes of the winning Division One entries from each region.

  • Victoria = 3028 in Altona Meadows (3), 3429 in Sunbury (3), 3004 in Melbourne (3)
  • New South Wales and ACT = 2444 in Port Macquarie (4), 2127 in Wentworth Point/Sydney Olympic Park (3), 2750 in Penrith/South Penrith (3)
  • Queensland = 4817 in Kirwan/Thuringowa (4), 4680 in Gladstone (3), 4740 in Mackay (3)
  • South Australia = 5009 in Kilkenny (2)
  • Tasmania = 7310 in Devonport (2), 7320 in Burnie (2)
  • Western Australia = 6330 in Albany (3)

No retailer  or postcode in Northern Territory sold multiple winning tickets, but 0836 in Humpty Doo awarded the largest prize this year of $35 million.

Boosted Megadraw

When the Lott rang in 2021 with a Saturday Lotto Megadraw, there was $30 million on the line. When they drew the winning numbers on 2 January, there were 19 Division One tickets out there. That broke the prize down to $1,578,947.37 for each one. Winning syndicate entries specifically came from Supercharged News Marina Square on Burroway Road in Wentworth Point and Pumpton Marketplace Newsagency at Hyatts Road and Jersey Road in Plumpton.

This year, the Lotto Megadraw will choose the winning numbers on December 31, New Year’s Eve. And it will offer $40 million, the largest prize for this contest in its history of annual draws.

Cooney noted, “Just imagine what it would be like to finish the year with a Division One lottery win. That will be the reality for a group of people across the country this New Year’s Eve.”

There are still a few days remaining to buy in to the Megadraw and be a part of the historic win.


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