Top 6 Ways to Keep Online Casino Games Fun

Concerns abound in Australia about responsible gambling.

What is missing from many conversations is the safety of online casinos. And if players are encouraged to have fun while avoiding many mistakes that can lead to gambling harm, online gambling could be one of the safest arenas for Australians to experience real money pokies and casino games.

Scandals Lead to Gambling Concerns

The last few months of allegations and whistleblower information regarding Crown Resorts have been concerning for many, especially for those who fight against gambling harm. They have even called for a royal commission to examine the state of gambling in Australia and the dangers inherent within.

Interestingly, this Crown situation – the largest scandal in Australian gambling – revolves solely around live gambling in land-based establishments. Allegations of money laundering and other very serious crimes show that they took place with real cash and in person at Crown casinos.

While lawmakers have spent years criticizing online gaming and its supposed dangers, the land-based gambling that they have embraced is where the scandal exists.

Online casinos provide more safety and ways to protect consumers than many live casinos. If online gaming was only legalized and regulated in Australia, it could be used to garner information on people attempting to launder money while also preventing many of these crimes.


Embrace Customer ID checks

Online casinos perform several customer identification checks upon approving a new player for a real-money account. Aussies have to follow directions carefully in order to gain access to that account and deposit money.

For example, Pokie Pop! requires the following documents to verify a player’s identity:

  • Government-issued identification, i.e. passport, driver license, ID card
  • Proof of address, i.e. utility bill no older than three months
  • Copy of registered credit cards, if conducting credit card transactions

Generally, casinos can approve online accounts within an hour or two of receiving all of the required documents. It could take longer, however, if anything suspicious comes up in online searches.


Set Limits

Most of the top online casino operators in the Australian market give players options to set limits for their gambling on a particular site.

Joka Room, for example, gives several options to help players gambling responsibly:

  • Set a limit on the amount of money deposited.
  • Set deposit limits daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Lock one’s account for 24 hours up to 90 days.
  • Self-exclude from the site for up to six months.
  • Self-exclude from the site indefinitely.

Some changes can be implemented by Joka’s customer service representatives immediately, while a few exclusions can take up to 24 hours.

Setting limits on gambling doesn’t indicate a problem as much as a concerted effort to prevent gambling harm and keep gambling fun.


Ask for Assistance

Do not hesitate to reach out to customer service to ask for tips or assistance in responsible gambling. Casinos like Fair Go make that a priority and welcome any questions.

Fair Go Casino also provides a detailed “Responsible Gaming” page accessible from the lobby or any page of the site. It lists ways to detect problems and professional organizations to contact, such as Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Therapy, and Gambling Help Online.


Watch Emotions

Online gaming, whether playing pokies or casino games, should be entertaining and fun. This doesn’t mean losing money should be joyous, but it should be handled as a part of the entertainment service. Winning, of course, is just as likely as losing.

Players should keep an eye out for certain emotions that indicate he or she may have gone too far. Sadness to the point of tears, anger to the point of rage, and irritability to the point of snipping at friends or relatives are all signs that gambling is becoming harmful.

Ideally, a player can play for an hour and, whether winning or losing, log out of their account with the sense that they were entertained.


Be Honest

There is no crime in playing at online casinos for real money.

However, if a player finds the need to hide their play from friends or relatives, they should ask themselves why they are being secretive. If there is something about it – perhaps the amount of money spent – that would embarrass the player, they should probably reconsider their online activities.


Look for Signs of Harm

The most obvious sign of problem gambling is typically expressed by a friend or family members. If they approach the player with concerns, that player should listen. People won’t risk that kind of conversation without real concerns about gambling harm taking place.

These are some of the signs that indicate gambling may no longer be fun for a player:

  • Anger about confrontations from friends and family members
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Gambling to win back losses because the game “owes” a win
  • Becoming sad or depressed when unable to gamble.
  • Missing work or important family activities due to gambling
  • Not eating or sleeping properly
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