High Rollers Banned From Crown Perth

Crown Perth Casino Australia

A ban has been issued on all high roller activity at Crown Perth.

Asgam reports that the Western Australian Gaming and Wagering Commission has issued a direction to ban high roller gamblers at the venue, extending a previous junket ban.

Last Wednesday, Crown Resorts confirmed reports the ban was being considered, stating it had received directions from the regulator providing that Crown Perth cannot participate in the conduct of junkets, premium player activity or privileged player activity.

The conduct specifically includes “table games activity with patrons who are non-residents of Australia with whom Crown Perth has an arrangement to pay the patron a commission, or provide transport, accommodation, food, drink or entertainment, based on the patron’s turnover or otherwise calculated by reference to such play.”

The GWC’s new direction follows a formal call for an independent inquiry into Crown Resorts’ suitability to hold a casino licence for Crown Perth.

If approved, the inquiry would be established under the direction of the Minister for Racing, Gaming and Liquor with a brief to delve into matters uncovered by a similar inquiry conducted in NSW and outlined in a report by Commissioner Patricia Bergin, released in February.

The GWC had already promised to follow a recommendation contained in the report to ban all junket operations in NSW by doing the same in WA.

Crown is also facing a royal commission in Melbourne, home to its flagship casino, with the government announcing it expected the entire process to be complete within this year.

The ban, which seems to apply only to international premium players, is unlikely to have any short-term impact on Crown Perth’s operations given ravel restrictions as a result of COVID-19, although there could be some long-term impacts around potential plans the company may have had to implement a premium direct rather than junket model on high-end play.

Crown said it would fully cooperate with any inquiry in WA, with executive chairman Helen Coonan stating: “Crown is determined to play a constructive role with all of its regulators as it works to restore public and regulatory confidence in its operations.”

Brawl erupts at Crown Perth as party buses implicated

A fight broke out in the car park at Crown’s Perth casino last Saturday night, with as many as 70 people involved in the affray.

9News reported in January that people were seen standing on cars as security guards appeared to watch on.

Injuries ranged from black eyes to broken bones and bleeding on the brain, all in front of young children.

“The kids saw their dads getting pulled into this group and beaten so they were absolutely distraught,” a witness said.

A newly married couple, who did not want their faces shown, said they were on tour buses with their wedding guests when they were ambushed.

“It was horrendous, there were people on the ground getting kicked, their heads stomped, it was disgusting.”

Multiple cars were trashed, with mirrors snapped off and used as weapons.

“It appears that both groups arrived intoxicated, both were alleged to be on these so-called party buses,” WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said.

On Sunday, WA’s top cop called for a crackdown on the party bus industry.

“Those operators, I am putting you straight on notice right now,” Dawson said.

“If you’re going to continue operating these businesses in this way, you’ll find there is a police car following you and your patrons will get very strong police action.”

He’s pushing for party bus operators and their drivers to be liable for criminal charges.

“I’m not trying to be anti-party but this is violence, this is not partying,” he said.

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