Aussies Need to Prepare For Cashless Gambling

Cashless gambling is coming to Australia. Over the next few years, all live casinos will likely require that players use cashless systems to gamble. NSW is already running trials for cashless gambling, and other states will implement similar or regulate such systems soon.

For those that are cash dependent or resistant to change, you need to change your mindset. As such, today we will discuss how Australians can prepare for cashless gambling systems. These steps will help you prepare for when your favorite casino or pub goes cashless.

Learn the Rules in Your Region

The first thing that Aussies need to do to prepare for cashless gambling is to learn the rules for each area. Each state will enact regulations or ordinances about cashless gambling. It is crucial that you know the laws in your area and all areas in Australia you plan to gamble in.

For starters, examine the betting limits for your region. Most areas will have a daily limit, while others will have weekly and monthly limits. Some of you may have to change how you gamble to adhere to these limits.

For example, if you like to spend $2,000 on a monthly gambling binge, you will have to cut back on your play. Adversely, some of you may have to move down in stakes to adhere to the new betting limits.

You will also need to learn the rules for depositing money, transferring money to and off pokie machines, and more. If you play in multiple regions, you must know the rules and laws for every area you play in.

Prepare Proper Documentation

Next, it is essential that you can provide proper documentation as required by your region. The most apparent documentation you’ll need is personal identification. You may also need documentation for your residence. A lease or utility bill will often satisfy any documentation requirements for residency.

Something that will undoubtedly be controversial will be the regions that require proof that you can afford to gamble. Some areas will require documentation proving that you have the disposable income to gamble. Some people may find this intrusive or an invasion of privacy. However, it is being done to help ensure that players are not using their rent or utility money to gamble.

While regulations have not indicated how one is to prove they can afford to gamble, one will have to assume that income verification will be paramount. You will likely have to provide proof of income through pay stubs or direct deposit printouts. It is possible we could see players required to show their monthly expenditures versus their income. Regions requiring this type of verification will likely have many people opt-out to live gambling rather than disclose their financial data.

Setting Limits for Gambling

Some regions will require self-committals from players in addition to daily limits. For example, if you plan to spend $500 per month gambling, your monthly gambling will be limited to that amount. If you reach that threshold, you will not be able to gamble without proving you can afford to do so.

As such, you should take the time to evaluate your gambling to see how much you actually spend. You may find that you are spending more than you think. This serves two purposes. First, it helps you set a budget for gambling. Many people downplay how much they gamble in casinos, and this new system may help people curb their spending.

Next, setting a budget can help you plan out your gambling trips. Knowing the casino limits and your budget will help you plan how often you gamble and which casino games you can play. If you know that you spend $100 a visit playing blackjack, then a $500 budget will only last five trips.

The new regulations and rules for cashless gambling will be a bit invasive and perhaps even frustrating. However, with a little planning and preparation, you can prepare for the inevitable changes at Australian casinos.

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