5 Ways Video Poker Is Like Online Pokies

Do you play video poker? Video poker is a popular casino game found in both live and Australian online casinos. The game is generally a version of Five Card Draw poker that can be played quickly. Did you know that this game is actually classified as a pokie? Why is that? Why is video poker considered a form of pokie? Today, we take a look at the top reasons that video poker is more like online pokies than online poker.

Video Poker Played Against the House – Not Real People

The first thing you will notice about video poker games is that you are not playing against another player. You sit down to a machine and are dealt a hand, or multiple hands, of poker. You then make your decision on what cards to keep, and then your final hand is compared against a paytable.

Video Poker Game

This differs from traditional poker, which is a contest between two or more players. Video poker is a banked casino game, meaning that you’re playing against the house. In many cases, you cannot beat the house long-term. This is different from traditional poker, where skillful players can be profitable in the game over a lifetime.

Bets Are Fixed and Cannot Be Raised

The next area where video poker differs from traditional poker is the betting structure. With video poker, you are making a single bet for the entire hand. The amount you bet varies depending on the game and the number of credits you play. However, once cards are dealt, you cannot change your bet.

In traditional poker, you have the option to raise or make additional bets. Some games, like Texas Hold’em, allow unlimited betting. With VP games, you have a single bet, and that is it.

All Hands Play to Showdown

In traditional poker, you have the option to fold your hand at any point. Many hands will see players fold after the initial deal. Other hands will see players fold during subsequent betting rounds. This is just part of the game. That’s not the case with video poker.

With VP games, you will always play a hand to completion. This is because of the fixed-betting nature of the game. Win or lose, your hand will be played until completion.

Fewer Decisions Are Necessary

One reason that video poker is appealing to players is that it is much simpler to play than traditional poker. There are two reasons for this. First, you don’t have to worry about opponents. You don’t have to evaluate what your opponent is thinking or the strategy they are using. Instead, you are just playing a simple card game against the house.

Video Poker Hold Cards

Next, there are fewer decisions to make during the game. The only decisions you have to make are how much to bet and how many cards to draw. That’s it. If you are playing with a strategy, these decisions will become automatic as you know the best plays to make based on the hands dealt.

There is a Perfect Strategy For All Games

In traditional poker, there’s no single strategy that is perfect for the game. That’s because there are too many variables, particularly the people you’re playing against. That is not the case with video poker. With video poker, there are strategies for each variant of the game. The strategy you use for Dueces Wild is not the same that you use for Double Double Bonus Poker.

Furthermore, there is a perfect strategy that you can employ for every form of the game. Perfect strategy is the optimal strategy to achieve the best RTP for that game. For example, in some versions of Jacks or Better, you can play perfect strategy and actually eliminate the long-term house edge of the game. These are known as Full Pay poker machines.

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