NSW Office of Responsible Gambling to Plug Research Gaps

The New South Wales is continuously in the new for new initiatives, grants, and efforts to encourage responsible gambling. The state’s latest efforts come in the form of a NSW gambling report into the effectiveness of current responsible gambling measures and offering more funding opportunities for local communities.

New NSW Gambling Report from Flinders University

Last week, NSW announced that it was in possession of a new study from Flinders University in Adelaide. The NSW government had commissioned the report that came back as a 264-page document.

The comprehensive report serves as a research gap analysis that will help determine research objectives going forward and priority focus areas for the period of 2019 to 2021. The NSW gambling report had several objectives:

  • Reviewed national and international evidence of gambling products and harm across all gambling risk segments.
  • Identify gaps in the existing evidence base.
  • Put together key findings and prioritise key areas of focus.
  • Identify emerging issues that will need further research.
  • Identify lessons from public health and how they can be applied to gambling.

Findings from Flinders

As NSW suspected, there were numerous gaps in the information currently available. Per specific questions outlined in the commission, some of the key findings were summarised.

Gaps in methodological limitations of telephone surveys exclude key populations, which translates into prevalence rates not being comparable. That results in a showing of gambling participation reduction but not the same decrease for problem gambling.

Gaps in the understanding of attitudes and behaviours toward gambling in vulnerable groups are a result of little research on people in low socio-economic groups. It’s also a result of too much focus on gambling behaviour rather than attitudes toward gambling itself.F

There are many gaps in the understanding of new and emerging technologies, such as cryptocurrency and block chain, virtual reality, and electronic gaming machines. Links between video gaming and gambling remain unclear.

Gaps in long-term efficacy and effectiveness of problem gambling treatments tend to focus on high-risk and problem gamblers. Meanwhile, lower-risk groups tend to be overlooked. There are also problems with internet and telephone interventions and treatments as compared to more-effective face-to-face options.

Understanding what works to prevent or minimise harm is always difficult. This is especially true for long-term solutions and maintaining quality literature and resources.

There is also a limited understanding of various gambling behaviour related harm, with more work needed to determine responsible gambling limits.

Finally, emerging technologies and new trends make it hard to impose regulations on gambling products and the level of personal responsibility involved in minimising harm.

NSW Gambling Report Takeaways

Per the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling, there are several key findings that it will take into consideration going forward.

Priority areas include:

  • Attitudes and behaviours
  • Adverse consequences
  • Low-risk to moderate-risk gamblers
  • Needs of at-risk populations
  • Online gambling
  • Sports betting
  • Migration from simulated gambling to gambling for money

Further research on these areas will take place in 2019/20.

Investing $12.5 Million

The NSW government is preparing to launch its 2019/2020 Infrastructure Grants program. The goal is to provide $12.5 million for a variety of local community projects across New South Wales.

Some of the money will inevitably go toward sporting center upgrades, museums, youth programs, and homeless assistance. However, there are more availabilities for the new round of grants than in the past. A wider array of youth and homeless projects will now be considered, as well as services for domestic violence survivors and communities affected by droughts.

The grant money is made available by the Clubgrants Category 3 Fund, one that reinvests profits from gaming machines into community projects. This is one of the ways that gambling funds go back to the broader communities. In so doing, it helps fund projects to support the arts, culture, disaster relief and readiness, infrastructure, and sports and recreation aspects of NSW.

Grants worth around $78 million have funded more than 320 community projects since the program began in 2013. Anyone is welcome to apply for the first round of funding between August 5 and August 26 through the Office of Responsible Gambling website.

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